Pa Collective Agreement Personal Leave

PA Collective Agreement Personal Leave: Understanding Your Rights as a Member

As an employee working under the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), you are entitled to various benefits and rights provided by your collective agreement. One of these benefits is the PA collective agreement personal leave.

The PA Collective Agreement Personal Leave is meant to provide employees with paid time off for personal reasons. This may include taking care of family members, attending to personal medical or educational needs, or engaging in professional development activities.


To be eligible for PA collective agreement personal leave, employees must fulfil certain criteria. First and foremost, you must be a member of the PSAC and be covered by the PA collective agreement. You must also be an employee who has completed six (6) months of continuous service. Additionally, the specific reason for your request must fall within the scope of eligible reasons for personal leave, as outlined in the agreement.


Generally, PA collective agreement personal leave provides employees with a maximum of five (5) days of paid leave annually. However, the duration and terms of your personal leave may vary depending on the nature of your request. For instance, if your request is for long-term care for a family member, the duration of your leave may be longer than five days.

Application process

To apply for PA collective agreement personal leave, you should first contact your employer or supervisor to request the leave. You will be required to provide sufficient details and documentation to support your request. Your employer may also require you to submit a written request for approval.

When making your request, you should clearly state the reason for your absence and the duration of your leave. If your request is approved, your employer will provide you with the necessary forms, which you will be required to complete and submit for processing.


As a member of the PSAC, your collective agreement provides you with various benefits and rights, including PA collective agreement personal leave. By understanding your eligibility, the duration, and the application process, you can make informed decisions when it comes to taking time off for personal reasons. Remember to consult with your employer or union representatives for further advice and guidance.

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